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Our instructors are all highly-trained and compassionate individuals

Yolanda Nash

Owner/Senior Instructor

Native New Yorker, Yogini, Reiki Master, Entrepreneur, and Mama of 2, Yolanda Nash is thrilled to open her third hot yoga studio. Yolanda began her yoga journey as a student in 2000. After two years studying, she made the leap to instruct, and has taught across the country in highly developed and competitive yoga cultures such as NY, California, Oregon, and internationally in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. She opened her first studio on Long Island in 2002. Her second studio was opened in Queens, NY in 2008, pioneering the hot yoga movement in the outer boroughs of New York.

As a wife and mother of 2 young children, Yolanda expanded her interests in wellness to include certifications in Pre/Post Natal Yoga, as well as being trained in the methods of teaching yoga to kids. As a teacher trainer, her guidance and instruction has helped launch the careers of many NY based yoga teachers. Relocating her family to a warmer climate, Yolanda welcomes a new community of wellness warriors to her newest hot yoga studio. Guiding as many people as possible to their individual health and healing goals is her passion. Nearly 16 years after her first yoga experience, her commitment and focus to share the gifts of yoga practice remain as strong as ever.

Melissa Schildkraut


Melissa Schildkraut has been working in the health and fitness field for 25 years.  She began practicing hot yoga 6 years ago and fell in love with the heat, the postures and the yoga lifestyle.  Melissa was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to become a hot yoga instructor 4 years ago.  A mom of 3, Melissa is passionate about her kids, eating healthy, her rescue dog and of course Hot Yoga!

Mary Tamez


I took my first hot yoga class about 12 years ago. Like most people, I had no idea what to expect. It was a cold Chicago winter and I showed up to class wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt! Even with this obviously awful choice of clothing, I ended up falling in love after my first class! Hot yoga has transformed my relationship to myself, people, and life in ways I never even imagined. It has also helped me become more comfortable in my own skin and grateful for the gift of having a strong body. I love the rigor, challenge, and mental stamina that hot yoga offers. I always feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually stronger after taking a class. I have been practicing as a licensed massage therapist and energy healing practitioner for the past 6 years. Being a holistic practitioner has made me very aware of the emotions we store in our bodies that can lead to illness and disease. From my perspective, doing a hot yoga class literally and figuratively releases unhealthy toxic thoughts, stressors, and feelings we may sometimes have. Hot yoga is a recipe for health, vitality and happiness in body, mind and spirit.

Shaina White


My love with yoga began 4 years ago when I stepped into Yolanda’s studio. Discovering what I always knew deep down, the modality of yoga brought me into an inner world that connected movement in my body with peace and stillness in my mind and spirit. I knew almost immediately I wanted to teach and spent the next year and a half practicing at the studio as I was able and almost always at home, as a mom to two young daughters. I am now a RYT 200 and spent the spring of 2018 studying in a masters program to bring me to 500 hrs of training in yoga. I have studied deeper the history and styles of yoga, yoga for grief, trauma and mental illness, and the physiology of breath, meditation and movement. I have loved being under Yolanda’s guidance and feel so honored to teach in a space that has given me just that — space — to know myself, let go of negativity, and heal in so many ways, body, mind and spirit. I hope to always honor every student with those same principles, giving the space needed to connect, move, restore, and heal.

Alice Nelson


Kripalu and Bikram certified in yoga and Mad Dogg certified in spinning. Has been teaching fitness since the early 1990’s, starting with step aerobics, weight classes and pool aerobics. Moved into spinning and yoga and still teaches and practices both. Owner of Bikram Yoga Rumson in New Jersey for five years from 2000 until 2005. Is an avid cyclist, crossing the USA by bicycle in 2006 for the American Lung Association. Is very grateful for finding yoga to enhance all of life’s experiences and uses yoga tools to enhance all life has to offer.

Amy Seraydarian


Amy is a Virginia native who recently moved to the warmer climates of Sarasota with her husband and two adorable dogs. She had her first interaction with hot yoga in 2015 after suffering a low back injury at work. The immobility became a mental and physical barrier she had to overcome. After a few months of performing hot yoga, her mobility improved and her pain subsided and needless to say, she was hooked! After only 1 year of practicing hot yoga series and progressing into hot vinyasa flow, Amy took the leap to become a 200 RYT instructor. During her training she dealt with another unexpected speed bump as she became very ill for several months and was finally diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. The diagnosis was surprising and affected her energy levels and tested her mental will to continue her normal activities. Through the help of her fellow students and the lessons yoga taught her, she was able to overcome and make the changes necessary in her diet and lifestyle to return to her old self again.

Amy is a full time Physical Therapist by day, giving her an in depth understanding of the human anatomy and mechanics of how her students move and flow through the different asanas in their own individual ways. Amy feels honored to share all that yoga brings; mentally, physically, and emotionally, by challenging and encouraging students on and off the mat. When not on her mat, she loves to spend time with family and friends, play with her dogs, and stay active and healthy in the gym and on the water!

Noelle Segal


Noelle began her journey with yoga 7 years ago. She is trained through YogaFit. Discovering all the joys and benefits of yoga, she felt should share her passion of yoga with others by teaching. Meditation is a huge part of her daily practice, which you will discover she incorporates in her classes. With a busy life with her loving husband, daughter and fur baby, she turns to her practice to be more centered, calmer and a stronger person emotionally and physically. Noelle has a passion to travel and when she does she loves to find different yoga studios to practice at. You will find she is playful on her mat and she will make you smile from your soul.

“Be the Change you want to see in the World.” ~Ghandi

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