Client Testimonials

Our clients talk about why they absolutely LOVE HotYoga4You

“I actually got something different out of it than I expected, which was learning how to breathe. And I find that I can translate that to my work, because I have a highly stressful job in the emergency department”


HotYoga4You Client

“It’s really hard finding time to get a workout in general. But with the 60 minute class if you have a busy schedule it’s not that hard to come in and workout 60 minutes, get a meditation, get a full body workout.”


HotYoga4You Client

“The 60 minute class is super fun. I was a little worried at first that it might not be as much of a workout as the 90 minute class but it ABSOLUTELY IS.”


HotYoga4You Client

“In the 60 minute class you do every one of the twenty six postures just as you would do in the 90 minute class. You get all the same stretches, benefits, and detoxing.”


HotYoga4You Client

“I love the HOT FLOW with music class! It’s a really nice incorporation of both music a little bit of Vinyasa. So it’s been new and exciting and I have absolutely loved it.”


HotYoga4You Client

“With the music it actually enhances the practice and makes it a little bit more spiritual. I love the fact that every teacher brings in their own style, you can go from classical music to jazz . And Yolanda is a great owner. She really takes pride in what the studio is about.”


HotYoga4You Client

“Yolanda is so warm. She’s extremely professional. She really knows what she’s doing here. She’ll push you but not too far. It’s just the perfect blend. . . This studio has been life saving for me. I was diagnosed with cancer and the treatments for cancer were life saving and SO WAS THIS STUDIO. Because it was just a fantastic place to come and heal and be peaceful and just get the toxins out of my body and try to get back to myself, literally and figuratively, back on my feet.”


HotYoga4You Client

I love the HOT FLOW with Music! Once you get to that last part of class, it definitely relaxes you and it’s a nice addition to the class.”


HotYoga4You Client

“I did try other studios and I like this one. It’s clean. It’s pretty. It’s got phenomenal instructors.”


HotYoga4You Client

“I believe it is keeping me younger because I actually look younger. I believe that it’s helping me to prevent issues that I may have in the future, diabetes, high blood pressure. I truly believe that in my heart.”


HotYoga4You Client

“I’m working on my stomach with Yolanda. And she is like that little drill sergeant that gives you that extra Ummph. And I love it! She is like family to me.”


HotYoga4You Client

“The music gets you going! Once you’re into the class, your not listening to the music but you move with it. And Yolanda is a very experienced, very talented teacher…very compassionate.”


HotYoga4You Client

“For people with busy schedules it really fits . . . There’s just so much there that I find myself being transported by her words. And every time I take her (Yolanda’s) class, there is just another little lump of sugar.”


HotYoga4You Client

“She (Yolanda) has a way when she is teaching to be very, very calming and at the same time she will give great correction.”


HotYoga4You Client

“I absolutely love the 60 minute Hot Flow with music class. . . . You know I like that it always changes up.”


HotYoga4You Client

“People in Sarasota, are so lucky to get Yolanda! She is an amazing amazing Yoga instructor and a great person!”


HotYoga4You Client

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