HotYoga4You Sarasota is dedicated to using the latest air quality system technologies to enhance the experience for our clients. Not only does our new Sarasota Hot Yoga Studio feature Far-Infared Heating, but we also have a state of the art UV Air Quality Treatment System to combat viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Ultraviolet air treatment systems are especially designed to harness the power of UV light to create healthier air in our yoga studio. The system is installed right inside of the heating and cooling system. It not only kills airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and allergens, but it also deodorizes the air! That’s  great news for clients spending 60 minutes in a hot studio. Our Hot Yoga clients appreciate taking classes in an environment where they can breathe deeply knowing the air is fresh and clean! And when they step out into the lobby, they get the same clean air as in the studio since we have two separately equipped HVAC units!

The system combines a high output UVC lamp with a Polarized Media Air Scrubber for maximum effect. Our air treatment system gets rid of airborne particles and germs and helps reduce the spread of colds and flu. Allergy sufferers benefit too because the treatment system kills mold and mildew on wet surfaces inside the HVAC system so the air is free of most allergens. The graph below illustrates the three-step process.

TwoPart System

CLICK HERE to watch a helpful video showing the process.

According to the E.P.A. indoor air can be 2-5 times and as much as 100 times more polluted than outside air. However, our yoga clients know that the air they breathe in our studios is cleaner and freer of germs and molds than most places they live, shop and work. And that gives great peace of mind!

At HotYoga4You Sarasota we care about each person that walks through our doors and we know that details like Far-Infared Heating and UV Air Treatment Systems just make sense!


A Special Thank You to the great people at Unique Services of Bradenton, Florida for providing us with the best air treatment system for our clients! As the owner of HotYoga4You I can say that my family uses the same system in our home and WE LOVE IT! It’s made a huge difference!

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