January 13, 2024
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Are you craving an energetic rinse and rebalancing?

I’ve intentionally created this container to be a somatic journey into our chakra energy system through embodiment practices!

Beginning with 25 min of blindfolded holotropic guided breathwork, we shift our chemistry into a state of receptivity by breathing in rhythm with soulful music

Now that we’ve cracked open our physical layer, we can step deeper into a trance state with guided visual meditation to activate each chakra, clearing and cleansing whatever densities that are harbored within them, allowing whatever stories that are clogging the energetic wheels to rise to the surface and dissipate in loving awareness.

Coming out of this visual meditation, we rise, still blindfolded for a somatic shaking exercise to clear space in our newly cleansed energy body. As well as to become reattuned to our body’s unique movement desires.

From this place we shed our fears of being seen along with our blindfold and move through a uniquely curated playlist of music that will activate each energy center from the root up- weaving in power and new stories of strength with our intuitive flow movement.

Each song is an opportunity to ask that particular energy center the question, “How would you like to move me, how can we dance together, what can I give to you so that you radiate the true power from the source of all that I am”

This movement journey is an inner one, with no talking. It is your sacred moment to refill and rebalance, and get curious in exploration with your multidimensional vessel.

We end in a circle of communion for the powerful magic created, harnessing it with gratitude and spreading it into the world around us.

If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected].

Can’t wait to uplevel the energy with you <3

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