Final breathing helps to rid our bodies of excess carbon dioxide that may have been built up throughout our practice from shallow breathing and/or not completing a full exhale. It also helps the lungs prepare to breathe in new, fresh oxygen during final relaxation.


Sit with your hips on your heels and your knees touching side by side. Lengthen your arms so your hands/palms rest on your thighs. Use your abdominal strength and the length of your spine to sit upright with a long, elegant posture. Take a deep breath in.

Begin to snap the lower belly to the spine on each quick exhale. Just think of exhaling over and over again…the inhale will naturally find it’s place. Final breathing is a quick, forceful exhalation over and over again until you reach 60 repetitions. Exhale through your mouth to release the body of tension and to force as much air out as possible.

The Goods:
Final breathing is an opportunity to connect with our breath at the close of our practice, allowing us to come full circle from our opening breathing exercises. At this point of the class, we have effectively touched every muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, and organ of the body with highly oxygenated, nutrient-rich circulation. Aligning with our breath and giving our system one more push of exhale, allows us to create an environment for peace and tranquility in final relaxation. Getting rid of any excess carbon dioxide in the blood, ensures we can rest peacefully, as our body will breath itself naturally towards health and healing in final relaxation.

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