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Hot yoga experts explain the reasons why we shouldn’t give up our practice just because the outside world feels like a studio.

Sweat dripping down your forehead. The blisteringly hot glare of the sun. Air so heavy it feels like you’re stepping into a sauna every time you leave the house. The steamiest months of summer are upon us. And all you can think about is sitting inside with the A/C blasting, a popsicle in hand. The last thing you’d probably want to do is practice yoga in a heated studio with sticky strangers dripping next to you. But—contrary to what you might think—doing hot yoga in summertime doesn’t come without its benefits. From acclimating easier to scorching heat wave temps to encouraging regular hydration, it can actually help you survive those days when the mercury won’t stop rising. We chatted with several hot yoga experts about the surprising perks that heated down dogs and chaturangas can offer.

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