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Join Shaina Ross & Nicol Moeller on Saturday, November 12, 2022 from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM for this unique, immersive experience. Reconnect to yourself through this heart opening, self-soothing, deeply healing ceremonial journey to restore balance, peace, and well-being in your mind and body. Limited space available. No late entry.

Investment $125.

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  • THINGS TO BRING: Notebook/Journal, Pen, Eye Mask, Throw Blanket, Water Bottle, MUG for your Cacao, and Yoga Mat (NOTE: These things will not be provided)
  • Wear comfortable clothing & layers you can easily move in
  • Do not eat or drink much within 1 hour of the workshop (a light snack and some water is ok)
  • Hydrate with plenty of water beginning 24 hours before
  • You must complete a health questionnaire prior to this workshop and inform us of any major health issues you are experiencing/have experienced in the past (this will be emailed to you upon completion of payment)


A Transformational Workshop to ACTIVATE your Innate Inner Wisdom, OPEN your Heart, and RESTORE Balance, Peace & Wellbeing Internally through the POWER of Breathwork, Ceremonial Cacao, & Yin Yoga

🌙 Are you feeling pulled like a rubber band that’s about to snap? This profound workshop will help you feel more centered and less stretched.
🌙 NO MATTER WHAT YOU’RE FACING – whether physical or emotional stressors such as exhaustion, grief, or relationship difficulties – THE B•C•Y WORKSHOP addresses your nervous system’s need for peace & wellbeing by safely integrating intentional Yin Yoga, Breathwork, and the sacred art of Ceremonial Cacao.
🌙 Come JOIN US & make deep, authentic contact with yourself, gaining a sense of peace, and the FELT SENSE of safety in the body again, in community, here at HOT YOGA 4 YOU.


🌙 BREATHWORK: A Scientifically Proven, Ancient Practice For Sustainable Transformation

Breathwork is a powerful and immediate way to access your body’s innate intelligence & healing ability. The ancient practice of Breathwork, or the process of deep & conscious rhythmic breathing, is proven to reduce stress, enable feelings of love, peace & gratitude, enhance clarity & connection, and is the most effective tool for releasing stuck emotions & energy from your nervous system.

Using your breath in this conscious manner regulates all the systems of the body, quite literally creating more capacity & coherence in your nervous system, and restoring your body to its natural state of wellbeing & centered peace. The benefits of Breathwork are vast!

Breathwork moves us out of “FIGHT or FLIGHT” and into the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows down our heart rate, lowers our blood pressure, and creates a deep feeling of calm, reducing overall stress and anxiety levels. Deep, meditative Breathwork offers the chance for personal transformation through improved mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing and bridges ancient wisdom with modern science to help unlock your potential.

🌙 CACAO: Seeped in Tradition

Cacao Ceremonies are a facilitator of self-reflection and spiritual awakening. By utilizing & honoring the power of this PURE SUPERFOOD – you are inviting yourself into deeper reflection & sacred heart-opening. The spiritual element of sharing cacao in community dates back thousands of years and is an offering of compassion, love, commitment & gratitude.

🌙 YIN YOGA: A Slower-Paced & Contemplative Practice
Yin yoga is a quiet, slower-paced and contemplative practice compared to its Yang counterpart. By nature, Yin is more meditative and specifically targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues—the ligaments, joints, bones, meridians and the deep fascia networks throughout.

In Yin, poses are held for longer periods of time and helps stretch and lengthen rarely-used tissues while also teaching you to breathe through discomfort and be with your thoughts. By stretching & deepening into poses, and focusing on thoughts & breath, Yin helps to open up any blockages, allowing energy to flow more freely.

The calm one feels after Yin is potent, and studies have found Yin yoga to have a significant impact on lowering stress & anxiety, helping to balance emotions, improve sleep, promote relaxation and mindfulness, and develop breath awareness. Yin yoga and Breathwork pair beautifully – inviting you into a deeper connection with self.


Nicol Moeller is a Certified Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator, Empowerment Mentor, & Somatic Sovereignty Coach. Through the power of Breathwork, as well as a myriad of somatic (body-led) techniques, Nicol supports people to uncover unconscious beliefs & habitual patterning, moving them out of survival, overwhelm and unworthiness, into AUTHENTIC wellbeing, clarity, and self-empowered, sustainable transformation & healing. Nicol is also an award winning American actress, producer & writer having worked in film, television and theater for over two decades. She is honored and grateful to share this healing experience with the community at HOT YOGA 4 YOU!

Shaina Ross fell in love with yoga 7 years ago when she took her very first class. Discovering what she always knew deep down, yoga brought Shaina into an inner world that connected the movement of her body with the peace and stillness of mind and spirit. Knowing almost immediately she wanted to teach, she spent the spring of 2018 studying in a masters program bringing her to 500 hrs of yoga training, deeply studying the history and styles of yoga – yoga for grief, trauma and mental illness, and the physiology of breath, meditation and movement. Shaina has been teaching both in studio classes and private sessions for the last 5 years, and her favorite style is Yin–as it focuses to connect both mind and body on an internal, personal level to bring awareness to oneself. Shaina is excited to offer Yin alongside Breathwork with Nicol, for a profoundly deep and healing experience!

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