Resonance Holistic Wellness presents: Nurturing the Chakras through the Six Senses
December 17, 2022 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM at Hot Yoga 4 You

Join us for an evening of exploration of our Chakra Energy Centers through our six senses

The Experience:

  • Visuals that stimulate the chakras
  • Auditory frequencies and/or music for each chakra
  • Foods that nourish the energy centers
  • Take-home aromatherapy inhalers for all the chakras
  • Feel tuning forks and singing bowls for each energy center
  • Quest9 Chakra balancing energies will permeate the environment
  • Experience a group intuitive session that is centered around choosing a rock with a chakra symbol (with famous local Inituitive, Artist, and Author, Frederick “The Rootman” Woods)

COST: $35/pp
Call 941-312-4334 to reserve your spot

Welcome to bring your yoga mat
Chairs are provided

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